Live & Inspire

25 Jan
When the time came to name our counseling center, the words “Live” and “Inspire kept coming back to us. Both Words have significant meaning to our philosophy in counseling and in life. The official definition:

live v
1. to be alive or have life (finding meaning)
2. to remain alive or to continue living (even when it seems tough)
3. to have a particular kind of life (you decide)
4. to enjoy life to the fullest (being present)
5. to persist or continue (even when at times you may think you can’t)
6. to experience or go through something (yes, including loss and healing)
in·spire v
1. to encourage people into greater efforts or greater enthusiasm or creativity (keyword: enthusiasm)
2. to arouse a particular feeling in somebody (to feel)
3. to stimulate somebody to do something, especially creative work or the making of art (despite what you may think-we are all creative beings)
4. to inhale air into the lungs (sometimes we forget this!)



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