Imagine the world through the eyes of a this little girl…

29 Jan

I received this poem from someone dear to me and she wanted me to share her experience of looking back through the eyes of her “little girl” during a time of a difficult divorce and change. Today almost 6 years later, she honors where she was at during that time and mentioned to me that looking back she recogizes where her love for animals began due to the uncondidional love they gave her in such a lonely and scary time.  I think so often it is difficult to remember that divorce is considered a loss and it is normal to grieve over the loss of a family system that no longer is the same or a change in a relationship of someone we care about. She describes her loss as a, “Tsunami of despair” and it can feel very lonely and confusing at times to children or anyone of any age going through such a loss. Here is her experience through her eyes. Thanks for sharing! -Cristi

Imagine the world through the eyes of this little girl…

Lego blocks, stuffed animals
Full of play and feeling safe.
Through the walls of her room,
She can hear the loud sounds
Of arguments that have been happening more frequently.
And she learns to cope by imagining
That the awkward comments and silences are never heard.
Until one day, when the reality set in
And dad never came home again.
She tried all she could and prayed with all her might
Hoping that somehow things would return to the way they once were.
And she couldn’t help but yearn for the family life
She had known all these years until now.
She felt such a loss, a tsunami of despair
That came over her with such sudden force.
She knew her father left her mother-
But it was hard not to believe that in some way
He also left his daughters.
Feeling slightly abandoned
And rejected from the world,
She learned through experience
That there was no one she could really trust.
So she turned to her animals-
They had never let her down.
And they loved her with an unconditional love.
She tried to cope her very best
With all of the changes.
Most of which she would have never chosen on her own.


And as she grew older-
The division grew even more,
And she was homesick for a home that no longer existed.
So many complained of the inconvenience she was
And she felt like such a burden to her family.
So once again, as experience had taught her,
You can never really trust your friends.
Only your animals and only God.
That is really all you have to rely on.
Author: B. M.

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